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Our outdoor programs offers educational and skill-based courses as well as outdoor equipment and gear rental.

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Outdoor programs take place in various locations on the UVic campus and the city. Check program details for exact location. View map.

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We also have caving, climbing, sailing, scuba, snow, surfing and whitewater clubs if you are looking for more outside activities.


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Vikes Active Living outdoor program - Sailing Lessons (July 6, 13 & 22)

Sailing Lessons (July 6, 13 & 22)


Lessons are taught by experienced student instructors in 2-person Collegiate Flying Juniors (FJs), which makes for a fun and social sailing experience. No prior experience required, as you will learn everything you need to comfortably sail these types of boats. A safety boat is always out on the water with the class. Wear layers, a rain jacket, a hat, sunscreen, and shoes that can get wet. Life vests are available to borrow at the compound. The sailing club reserves the right to change lesson dates and times based on weather conditions and other important considerations. Participants should be aware that falling in or capsizing are normal parts of dinghy sailing. The coaches will ensure all students know what to do in the event that someone falls overboard or a boat capsizes.

Class level: Beginner. Beginner friendly 😊.

Youth welcome: 16+ years

Equipment: Necessary equipment is provided.

Instructor: UVic Race Team
Location: Cadboro Bay UVic Sailing Compound
Dates: July 6 – July 20
Program intervals: Runs 1 time(s) for 3 weeks each
Time: Saturday at 10:00AM–1:00PM


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Main photo credit: Jeff Issak via Unsplash