Vikes facilities - CARSA Fieldhouse

Facility rentals

An important aspect of connecting with the university and the greater Victoria community is the opportunity to rent a wide array of facilities. These opportunities are provided during times after all academic, recreation and athletic program needs have been met.

Spaces available for rent include:

  • Playing fields (artificial and grass turf)
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Ice arena
  • Spectator stadium
  • Gymnasiums
  • Running track
  • Exercise/dance studio space

To rent any of our facilities please contact the Bookings Clerk, at or 250-472-4652

Rental pricing

The rental prices listed below are valid September 2023–August 2024.

Fields and stadium

Fields/StadiumCommercialNon-profitYouth Group
Field #1 - Water-based turf$244/hr.$87/hr.$55/hr.
Field #2 - Artificial turf$488/hr.$174/hr.$110/hr.
Field #2A - Artificial turf$244/hr.$87/hr.$55/hr.
Field #2B - Artificial turf$244/hr.$87/hr.$55/hr.
Field #3 - Artificial turf$244/hr.$87/hr.$55/hr.
Field #4 - Grass field$244/hr.$87/hr.$55/hr.
Field #7 - Grass field$244/hr.$87/hr.$55/hr.
Field #8 - Grass field$244/hr.$87/hr.$55/hr.

*All Centennial Stadium bookings must include staffing of a minimum of one facility attendant for entire rental time ($25/hr.) depending on event/group size.


McKinnonCommercialNon-ProfitYouth Group
Gym 3/3$522/hr.$397/hr.$182/hr.
Gym 2/3$322/hr.$269hr.$125/hr.
Gym 1/3$222/hr.$182/hr.$87/hr.
Dance Studio-$87/hr.$58/hr.
Pool* - All--$168/hr.**
Pool* - Lanes (double)--$47/hr.**
Dive Tank*--$47/hr.**

*All McKinnon Pool bookings must include staffing of a minimum of one life guard attendant ($26/hr.) depending on group size.
** includes guard.


Fieldhouse - All$619/hr.$496/hr.$215/hr.
Fieldhouse - Sprint Lanes-$233/hr.$107/hr.
Fieldhouse - Zone 1 Tennis/Badminton-$233/hr.$107/hr.
Fieldhouse - Zone 2 Dry Arena-$233/hr.$107/hr.
Fieldhouse - Zone 1A or 1B (Half Zone)-$116/hr.$54/hr.
Fieldhouse - Hardwood Court-$233/hr.$107/hr.
Performance Gym - All$619/hr.$496/hr.$215/hr.
Performance Gym - Half Court-$233/hr.$107/hr.
Performance Gym - Blue & Gold Room---
Studio 240 Nike Team Serenity$117/hr.$87/hr.$58/hr.
Studio 236 Gwynne Movement$117/hr.$87/hr.$58/hr.
Studio 228 Spin$117/hr.$87/hr.$58/hr.
Studio 230 TRX$117/hr.$87/hr.$58/hr.
Varsity Weight Room-$233/hr.$107/hr.


Meeting RoomsHalf Day
(up to 4hrs.)
Full Day
(max. of 8hrs.)
Times Colonist Room$95$150
Team Rooms
Field Team Room 1$30/hr.
Field Team Room 2$30/hr.

Ian Stewart Complex

Ian Stewart Complex
Sand Volleyball (per court)$55/hr.
Arena General - Winter (Sep.–Mar.)$277/hr.
Arena Summer (Apr.–Aug.)$208/hr.
VRC Winter (Sep.–Mar.)$258/hr.
VRC Tournament$120/hr.


Set up / Take down$30/hr.
Facility Attendant$30/hr.
Electrical Box$100/setup and takedown
  • Youth group: Amateur sport, youth service group 19 years or younger
  • Non-profit: Amateur sport, youth service group over 19 years of age
  • Commercial: Any rental group not covered by above or attempting to generate revenue by their participation and/or rental