Vikes Athletics and Recreation - Fitness Weight Centre at Vikes Recreation

Fitness Weight Centre

An inclusive space for you to sweat, relax, spin, and stretch your way towards your fitness goals.

The Fitness Weight Centre (FWC) is a two-level training facility featuring state of the art fitness equipment.


Inside the FWC you will find:

  • platforms
  • squat racks
  • free weights
  • machines

And every cardio machine you could ever need including:

  • treadmills
  • ellipticals
  • stair climbers
  • spin bikes
  • Concept 2 rowers
  • bikes and ski ergs
  • Assault Bikes
  • Rogue Echo bikes
  • recumbent bikes
  • Woodway treadmills
  • Arc trainers
  • and more.

Mon. – Fri.: 6:30AM–10:00PM
Sat. – Sun.: 7:00AM–9:00PM
Reading Break*: TBA
Holidays: 10:00AM–6:00PM

*Reading Break: TBA
Holidays: May. 20, Jul. 1, Aug. 5


Questions about the Fitness Weight Centre and programs?



The CARSA Fitness Weight Centre is located on both floors of the CARSA building. View map.

CARSA Fitness Weight Centre - treadmill CARSA Fitness Weight Centre - weights CARSA Fitness Weight Centre - elliptical machine


Find something you like? Register for the program and we will see you there!


Fitness Weight Centre Youth Orientation

Vikes Active Living - Mini-Thunder weightlifting

This orientation has been developed for youth ages 14-15 wishing to access and use the two-floor CARSA Fitness Weight Centre (FWC).

The first 45 minutes of this orientation will outline the Fitness Weight Centre guidelines and proper gym etiquette. A tour of the facility will be provided as well as a detailed overview of the equipment and services available in CARSA. Knowledgeable and experienced staff will ensure participants have the confidence to use the CARSA Fitness Weight Centre. There will then be opportunity to have basic fitness questions answered.

Upon completion of this orientation, participants aged 14-15 will be permitted access to the CARSA Fitness Weight Centre without parental supervision.

Without completion of this orientation, participants ages 14-15 will not be granted access to the CARSA Fitness Weight Centre.

Registrants should meet their strength trainer at the CARSA front desk five minutes prior to their scheduled orientation start time.

Youth welcome: 14+ years

Location: CARSA FWC



Vikes registered fitness programs - Fitness and Weight Centre 101

Fitness and Weight Centre 101


The gym can be an intimidating place. We understand it can be overwhelming to start something new and have no idea where to go, or what first step to take. FWC 101 will set you up for success! In this one hour session participants will receive a tour of the facility as well as a detailed overview of the equipment and services available in CARSA. There will also be opportunity to have basic fitness questions answered.

Please note: a personal program design is not included in this introduction. Workout clothing and athletic footwear is required.

Youth welcome: 14+ years

Equipment: Necessary equipment is provided.

Instructor: Varied
Location: Fitness Weight Centre
Dates: January 1 – August 18
Time: Wednesday at 7:30PM–8:30PM • Saturday at 1:00PM–2:00PM


All prices valid as of September 1, 2023. All prices include GST.

Fitness Weight Centre policies

  • Everyone MUST swipe in with their ONECard in order to enter the Fitness Weight Centre (FWC). This includes varsity athletes, staff, coaches, instructors, strength trainers, etc. Vikes Athletics and Recreation needs to ensure that all patrons using the facility have paid for a membership that allows them access specifically to the FWC and that have signed the online waiver required to use the facility. For emergency purposes, swiping in also indicates who is in the building and needs to be accounted for.
  • Personal belongings must be stored in lockers. ONLY cinch bags are allowed in the FWC, all other bags must be secured in a locker.
  • Patrons without a ONEcard must show valid receipt with correct date.
  • All weights must be returned to the proper racks after use.
  • No equipment is permitted to leave the facility at any time, or be altered in any way.
  • Patrons must sign out equipment with their ONECard from the CARSA Equipment Desk.
  • Slamming or dropping weight stacks or free weights is prohibited other than bumper plates on the platforms.
  • The department is not responsible for loss or theft of personal items
  • Children under the age of 14 years are not permitted in the FWC.
  • Youth ages 14-15 years old must complete the two-hour Fitness Weight Centre Youth Orientation in order to access the FWC. If your child is unable to attend one of the youth orientations listed in our guide, you can schedule an orientation at a time of your convenience. Personal training fees apply, please visit the personal training section for a detailed breakdown of the cost associated.
  • Drinks in glass containers or food are not permitted in the FWC.
  • In consideration of others, all ringers must be turned off while in the FWC. Patrons are not permitted to talk on their cell phones at any time.
  • Pictures and video recording (including by phone) are not permitted anywhere in the FWC.
  • Only coaches or personal trainers employed by the University of Victoria may train individuals in this facility.

Dress code

We are committed to offering a hygienic, safe and inclusive environment in our Fitness Weight Centre. All patrons are required to abide by the following Dress Code policy:

  • Patrons must wear clean, appropriate athletic clothing that cover the chest area along with athletic shoes (closed toed and heel) at all times.
  • Clothing with inappropriate statements, sandals, open-toed shoes, as well as shirtless and bare feet are not permitted in the Fitness Weight Centre.
  • Anyone not following the dress code will be asked to comply or leave.

Code of conduct
  • Wear appropriate clothing in accordance with the posted dress code.
  • Ensure equipment from the Fitness Weight Centre (FWC) is put back where it was found.
  • Secure all backpacks and belongings inside lockers.
  • Recording, picture taking and phone calls are not permitted.
  • Unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated, including foul and abusive language, personal or sexual harassment, physical violence or threats of physical violence, or willfully damaging property and/or equipment.
  • The CARSA FWC is shared space; please be respectful and aware of your impact on others.
  • Wipe down equipment after use and return equipment to where it belongs.
  • Report injuries, damage to equipment or other concerns promptly to the strength trainer.
  • Allow others to work through when performing multiple sets of any equipment. Equipment may not be used as a resting area.
  • CARSA is a scent-free zone. Help us keep the air we share healthy and fragrance free.
  • ONECard is required for access to the FWC and for equipment and towel lending. Fraudulent use of a membership card and/or card swapping will result in immediate suspension and loss of membership privileges. No refunds will be granted.

Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct could result in suspension or permanent loss of membership privileges.

Please review the Vikes Athletics and Recreation policies and Fitness Weight Centre policies before using the CARSA Fitness Weight Centre.