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Health & Fitness

An inclusive environment to help you meet your fitness goals, meet new people, or just have fun.

With a variety of programming, UVic offers health and fitness options for everyone. Whether you are looking to work out in the Fitness Weight Centre, jump in on one of our group fitness classes, swim a few laps in the pool, go climbing, or just drop in and play basketball, you can find it at CARSA. We offer an array of fitness classes: spin, core crusher, TRX, HIIT, yoga and more.

Everyone is welcome. CARSA is not just for UVic students and staff; we are open to the public, offering an inclusive environment to help you meet your fitness goals, meet new people, or just have fun. If you are looking for a one-stop shop, look no further.


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Health and Fitness programs take place throughout the CARSA and McKinnon buildings. Check program details for exact location. View map.

Equipment and facilities

The Centre for Athletics, Recreation and Special Abilities (CARSA) opened in May 2015 and boasts over 190,000 sq. ft. of floor space. CARSA includes:

  • a 2,100-seat performance gym
  • a multipurpose fieldhouse
  • a two-level fitness weight training facility
  • the CARSA Climbing Centre
  • dance space

It is also home of CanAssist, which develops technologies, programs and services that help people with disabilities improve their quality of life.

The Fitness Weight Centre is a two-level training facility with platforms, squat racks, free weights, machines and every cardio machine you could ever need including: treadmills, ellipticals, stair climbers, spin bikes, Concept 2 rowers, bikes and ski ergs, Assault Bikes, Rogue Echo bikes, recumbent bikes, Woodway treadmills, Arc trainers and more.

It also has dedicated TRX and spin classrooms, yoga studios, stretch space, squash courts, and a rowing ergometer centre.

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Health and Fitness offerings

Check out our wide variety of health and fitness offerings below. We offer yoga, HIIT, spin, Zumba, personal training, core workouts and much more!

Fitness Weight Centre

The Fitness Weight Centre (FWC) is a two-level training facility featuring state of the art fitness equipment and fitness classrooms. We offer an inclusive space for you to sweat, relax, dance, spin, and stretch your way towards your fitness goals.

Access to McKinnon Fitness Weight Centre is available with all memberships and for drop-in.

CARSA Fitness Weight Centre included with Vikes Fit, Vikes Fit Plus and Vikes All-In memberships. Also available for drop-in.

View FWC info and programs

Group Fitness

Spin, Strength, HIIT, BLT and more. We offer an array of group fitness classes to meet the dynamic needs of our communities.

Group Fitness programs are included with Vikes Fit Plus and Vikes All-In memberships. Also available for drop-in.

View Group Fitness schedule and programs

Registered Fitness

Total Body Transformation, De-stress yoga, Zumba, Powerlifting 101, and more. Registered programs are speciality programs available for sign-up without purchasing a membership. Offered in 4-, 6-, 8-, 10- and 12-week blocks.

These programs are not included with any memberships and open to anyone who wishes to particpate. Drop-in available for some programs.

View Registered Fitness schedule and programs

Mind Body Wellness

If you are into yoga, meditation and improving your wellness—our mind body wellness membership is perfect for you! From power flow for an energy boost to relaxing classes to shake off the stress and calm your mind.

These programs are included with the Mind Body Wellness membership and open to anyone who wishes to particpate. Drop-in available for some programs.

View Mind Body Wellness schedule and programs

Personal Training

Vikes Athletics and Recreation provides convenient personal training services for everyone, whether you are just starting out, or looking for suggestions to enhance your existing training routine, our knowledgeable trainers will help you achieve your goals. Personal training is the fastest and safest way to reach your goals.

These sessions are not included with any memberships.

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Please review the Vikes Athletics and Recreation policies, fitness policies and FWC policies before participating in Vikes Health and Fitness programs.