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Welcome to Vikes Nation—an inclusive community committed to and passionate about supporting the University of Victoria, the Vikes, and active healthy living. Here at Vikes Nation, we are the heartbeat of UVic.

Vikes fan? Yoga enthusiast? Intramural all-star? Vikes Nation has something for everyone. We’re all about school spirit, healthy living and thriving together.

If you’re a participant in one of our active living programs, or if you’re a fan and supporter, you are a member of Vikes Nation.

Check out the events section for more upcoming Vikes and Vikes Nation events.

Vikes Nation events

Thunderfest 2024 ⋅ Sep. 6

Join Vikes Nation for a day of fun!


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Got school spirit? Born during a pep rally? Then you may want to join our ambassador team!

Apply to be a Vikes Nation Ambassador

I had a blast being an Ambassador – connecting with the students and getting them hyped for games!

— Anne Doe, Vikes Nation Ambassador


These dedicated students will be all around campus, living and breathing excellence demonstrated through active, healthy living in athletics and recreation. You’ll find them in the quad, promoting upcoming events or at games, amping up the crowd. Whether it’s basketball or the colour run, they strive to include our entire campus and unify the student body.

Be a Vikes Nation Ambassador

The UVic Athletics and Recreation Department is pleased to offer the Vikes Nation Ambassador Program. We are actively seeking students interested in being involved in a passionate, active community. For years this program has worked to engage students in school initiatives and promote the love for blue and gold on campus. As a Vikes Nation Ambassador, you will be responsible for promoting Vikes Nation and its benefits around the UVic campus. This means:

  • volunteering at Vikes Nation events
  • fostering a sense of campus community
  • working to live active, be healthy and thrive together

It is expected that ambassadors attend Vikes Nation events, engage on our social media channels, and work with specialized ambassador teams. As a Vikes Nation Ambassador, you will receive co-curricular experience, training, and the opportunity to work in a dynamic, exciting, and enjoyable environment.

Apply now! If you are interested in being a Vikes Nation Ambassador, please fill out this form. We are always looking for new volunteers to join our team!