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UVic Surf Club aims to bring people of different backgrounds together through the culture of surfing. We plan monthly trips to Tofino, B.C. in which we rent out hostels or camp for the weekend. We have close relationships with some of the local surf shops in the area and receive gracious discounts on gear rentals. All experience levels are welcome. We do not provide lessons but our trips are a great place for beginners to try out the sport. Many of the more experienced surfers are more than willing to give tips. Twice a year we hold fundraisers at our campus bar where we host live music, raffles, and more. The money raised gets put towards making the trips more affordable for all, and extra luxuries such as food, and BBQ's. Average cost of a trip: $60 for two nights stay at the hostel, and $50 for two days of surf gear rentals.

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Club Presidents: Cameron Carmichael, Carter Blair, Charlotte Futcher, Mackenzie Bain, Matt Halkovic, Seamus McClimans, and Cooper Fargey.


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