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Registered Fitness Participants Appreciation Week

Celebrate you!

Mark your calendar for Tuesday August 8–14 as we celebrate YOU, all of our registered fitness participants!

Registered fitness participants are invited to attend any of our registered programs running during the dates mentioned above.

And we know fitness is always more fun with friends so all week you can bring a buddy to any class listed on the schedule.

Buddies will connect with membership services at the front counter to sign waiver prior to class. Already a member, no need to sign a new waiver.

Full schedule:
  • Tuesday August 8
    TRX HIIT 9:00-9:55AM (TRX Studio)**
    Beginner Yoga 5:15-6:10PM (Nike Studio)
  • Wednesday August 9
    Morning Flow 7:30-8:25AM (Nike Studio)
    Beginner Zumba 12:15-1:00PM Gwynne Studio
    A Class in Sass 6:15-7:10PM (Nike Studio)
    Contemporary Dance 6:15-7:10PM (Gwynne Studio)
    Beginner Ballet 7:15-8:10PM (Nike Studio)
  • Thursday August 10
    Zumba Toning 5:15-6:10PM (Nike Studio)
    Burn & Firm Pilates 6:15-7:10PM (Gwynne Studio)
  • Friday August 11
    Unwind Yoga 12:15-1:00PM (Nike Studio)
    Beginner Zumba 12:15-1:00PM (Gwynne Studio)
  • Sunday August 13
    Zumba 10:00-10:55AM (Nike Studio)
  • Monday August 14
    Vin-Yin Yoga 5:15-6:10PM (Nike Studio)
    Jazz 6:15-7:10PM (Nike Studio)

**TRX HIIT has limited capacity.

Excited to see and celebrate you!

Event Details

Host Event host: Dance, Health & Fitness, Vikes Active Living

Date Date(s): Tuesday August 8, 2023 until Monday August 14, 2023

Time When: 7:00AM to 7:00PM

Location Location: CARSA fitness studios

Open to Open to: Everyone

Cost Cost: Free for Registered Fitness participants